How To Use SiliconExpert to Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Over 1 million electronic components go obsolete every year. We've all been hurt by obsolescence during our careers, isn't it time to be proactive?


We strongly encourages the use of SiliconExpert during both NPI and Production phases of your products life cycle. As with any process in a lean manufacturing system, both communication and proactivity are central. Incorporating these two concepts into your component selection and management processes will result in greatly improved security of supply.

SiliconExpert During New Product Introduction

Parts Search - Use parametric search to find components that meet your needs.

Verify Part Number - Use SiliconExpert to be certain you have selected a procurable part number.

Identify Alternate sources - Make sure you have selected a device with multiple sources, where possible.

Predictive Life Cycle - Verify your components available and get a report predicting years of future availability.

SiliconExpert During Production

BOM Scrub - If you did not use SiliconExpert during NPI, you will need to scrub your BOM to be sure your part number/manufacturer combinations are valid. For most companies, expect 50-80% will match. Don't be surprised if the number is even lower.

Life Cycle Monitoring - Get instant notification of product change notices (PCN's) and end of life notices (EOL's) including last time buy dates.

Counterfeits - Research counterfeit reports for particular components, and get advised when counterfeits appear for parts in your AVL.




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