Pricing A BOM With AI

Pricing a Bill of Material (BOM) with AI is extremely simple and easily customized. In this walkthrough we use SnapChip to demonstrate pricing a BOM for electronic components.



Today we're going to see how easy it is to price a bomb using artificial intelligence. We'll be using SnapChip to do that.

In the main screen of SnapChip you can just drag a Bill of Material in as Excel or CSV. You can verify exactly what came in down below. Then I'm going to go up and I'm going to set the quantity, in this case to 100.

And then we can price the BOM. The AI will go take the information and it will prepare what we want. Now you can see here we've only brought in a couple of data fields. I would probably want more and the nice thing with the artificial intelligence is all we have to do is tell it what we want.

I'm going to go in and I'm going to customize the prompt and add some more things that I would be interested in seeing. In my case, I think that I would like to see the quantity per, and I would also like to see the Description. I've made the edits, now I'll save the updated prompt. Now I've got a new prompt available. You can see the prompt when you hover over. 

And now that I've modified what I want, the Artificial Intelligence has found it and returned it and I'll be ready to move forward with my work processes. When it is complete, I'll be able to download it to Excel and I'm ready to go. And that's how easy it is to price a BOM using Artificial Intelligence.




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