Find Electronic Components using AI

Finding electronic components has never been so fast and easy. Just match your part number and let AI do the rest.


Today we're going to look at how to find electronic components using artificial intelligence. We're going to be using Snapchat to do that.

We can go down here and enter in a part number. I'm going to enter in a partial part number just to show part matching. So the AI is going to go look for parts that match that pattern. And I'm going to select this one because I know that's the one I'm shopping for.

And I know that I need 1,200 of them, so I'm going to put in 1,200, and then I'm going to say go find it for me.  And now the AI is going to go out, it's going to give me reel only options in case I am in an operation that can only use reels, and it will give me the lowest cost way to buy it as  mixed tape.

In case I need to find other options, I can also look at this alternative, and it's going to come show me all the alternates in this family. So I can see other packages, et cetera, in case I've got some other issue that I need to resolve.

Because it's AI, I can also go customize my request and tell it even more specifically what I want. So here it's going to give me, I think this is 43 different alternatives. I might look at that and go, well, you know, I really don't need to know all that.

I will say show me options that are active on MSOP. And just that easy, it will come back and tell you exactly what you're looking for. So lots of flexibility, that's how you find electronic components using AI.




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How AI Works
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