Best Mid-Sized San Jose PCB Assembly Companies

Mid-size manufacturers hold a special and growing place in the electronics manufacturing industry. They combine high-complexity, customer-intimate models as well as ability for high volumes. Mid-size manufacturers might also make more sense based on your company's size and attention it deserves. In another of DigiSource's blog posts we provided some rules for finding the right sized CM. Depending on your company's size and needs, the mid-size EMS providers listed below might fit perfectly into your company's business model.

By "mid-size" we mean tier II - tier IV by revenue. Here's our list of six exemplary mid-size EMS providers.

1. OnCore Manufacturing Services 


OnCore is a tier 3 EMS provider with five locations in the U.S., one location in Mexico, and one in China. It specializes in low volume, high complexity products and offers a wide range of services and capabilities. OnCore cites one its main business strategies as "Reach globally, serve locally," which emphasizes its unique combination of scale and attention to customers. More than half OnCore's customers have been with them for more than five years.

OnCore is a tier 3 EMS provider with five locations in the U.S., one location in Mexico, and one in China. It specializes in low volume, high complexity products and offers a wide range of services and capabilities. OnCore cites one its main business strategies as "Reach globally, serve locally," which emphasizes its unique combination of scale and attention to customers. More than half OnCore's customers have been with them for more than five years.

Services: PCBA, design, systems integration, fulfillment, logistics, and aftermarket services.

Markets: Aerospace & defense, medical, and industrial.

US Locations: Springfield, MA; Longmont, CO; San Jose, CA; San Marcos, CA; Fremont, CA Wilmington, MA.

Offshore Locations: Tijuana, Mexico; SuZhou, China.

Certifications: ITAR; AS9100:2004; COMSEC; AS9102 FAI Compliance; 21CFR820; ISO 13485:2003; State of California Registered; ISO9001:200; ISO9001: 2008; UL Registered.

Glassdoor: Based on 5 reviews on, OnCore received 2.2/5 stars, with 20% of respondents recommending the company to a friend. Based on 1 ratings OnCore’s CEO, Sajjad Malik, received a 100% percent approval rating.

“Oncore is a forward thinking and challenging work environment where employee growth and high performance are supported and encouraged. The major customers are amazing partners and make our day to day experience very satisfying. It is nice to feel a part of a winning team!” - Current Employee

“The management team is disorganized and delusional. Engineers have become managers and simply don't know how to manage, motivate, or mentor.” - Former Program Manager

(See OnCore Manufacturing’s full Glassdoor review)

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2. Venture Corporation


Headquartered in Singapore, Venture Corporation is a tier II EMS provider by revenue ($2.33 billion in 2013). It comprises 40 companies in Asia, the Unite States, and Europe. With roughly 14,000 employees worldwide, Venture is capable of both high volume, low mix to low volume, high complexity manufacturing.

Most recently, in 2013, Venture worked with a top life science company to launch the customer's first high-throughput desktop genome sequencer. Venture has also recently used its expertise in high-complexity printer manufacturing to develop a "revolutionary" print-on-demand color label printer. In addition, the Venture recently began offering its supply chain management and R&D services to a global leader in 3D printing.

Services: design & engineering, software design and development, PCBA, sub-assemblies, fiber optic assemblies, system integration, box builds, test and development.

Markets: Test & measurement, networking & communications, computer peripherals & data storage, retail store solutions, industrial projects, and printing & imaging.

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, TS 16949:2009, ISO 13485:2003 and the FDA Regulation 21 CFR 820; "DQS GmbH - EN 9100:2009 QMS for Aerospace Division in Europe" qualification; ISO 14001:2004 and the ODS (Ozone-Depleting Substances).

U.S. Locations: Venture has one facility in Newark, CA, which houses several of its business segments and subsidiaries--Univac Precision, Inc.; Venture Design Services, Inc.; Venture Electronics Internation, Inc.; VIP Color Technologies, Inc.; and VM Services, Inc.

International Locations:

Europe - Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; Budapest, Hungary.

China - Shanghai, Shanghai (Shanghai GES Information Technology Co.), Suzhou (Univac Precision Plastics Co.), Shenzhen.

Malaysia - Penang; Johor (GES Manufacturing Services Sdn Bhd, Munivac Sdn Bhd, Pintermas Sdn Bhd, Technocom Sdn Bhd, and V-DesignSdn Bhd).

Singapore - Venture Corp. his headquartered in Singapore, operating many of its business segments and subsidiaries in several locations throughout the c. It's Singapore subsidiaries and segments are: Advanced Products Corp., Cebelian Holdings, GES Investment, Innovative Trek Technology, Univac Design & Engineering, Multitek Systems, VIP Color Tech.

Glassdoor: Based on 16 reviews on, Venture Corporation received 2.9/5 stars, with 50% of respondents recommending the company to a friend. Based on 4 ratings Venture Corporation’s CEO, Wong Ngit Liong, received a 75% percent approval rating.

“Stable company with good management team. Employees are extremely self motivated. Opportunities exist for employees who wants to perform well. Fair remuneration scale.” - Former Employee.

“Not enough emphasis on promoting talent. Very slow career advancement.” - Former Engineering Assistant.

(See Venture Corporation’s full Glassdoor review)

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3. Zollner Electronik AG


Headquartered in Zandt, Germany, Zollner Corp. conducts most of its operations throughout Europe, with some operations in China, Africa, and the U.S. With over 7,000 employees, Zollner operates uses a customer focus model and offers a wide range of services.

Zollner was founded in 1965 as an electrical appliance and installation store. In ten years, Zollner blossomed into a fully fledged EMS, offering mechanical and electroplating manufacturing services to companies, such as Siemens, SEL, Gossen, and IBM. Today, Zollner has 23 global locations with plans to open a new facility in Costa Rica.

Zollner has won numerous awards, among them: Europe's 500, Deutchlands Top 100, Bayerns Best 50, Best EMS 2011, Supplier of the Year 2011, Preferred Supplier of the Bosch Group.

Services: R&D, engineering/NPI, quality, supply chain management, material management, production, aftermarket, repair.

Products: electronic assemblies, inductive components, cable assemblies, plastic technology, mold and tool making, metal processing, surface technology, system integration, test.

U.S. Locations: Milpitas, CA (NPI, PCBA, and system assembly).  

International Locations: Germany (8), Hungary (2), Romania (2), Switzerland, China, Tunisia.

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, OHSAS 18001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/TS 16949.

Glassdoor: Based on 2 reviews on, Zollner Corporation received 2.5/5 stars. No responses for friend recommendations or CEO approval rating.

“Good carrier opportunities. Interesting projects. Early finish on Friday.” - Current QMS employee.

“US employees are treated differently compared to the parent company employees. Micro management, unrealistic goals, not honest about responsibilities, duties and no achievable bonus program.” - Former Director, Milpitas.

(See Zollner’s full Glassdoor review)



4. AsteelFlash


Headquartered in Paris, France, AsteelFlash is ranked among the top 2 EMS and the top 15 worldwide. It specializes in electronic system assemblies and integration.

In 2008,  the company became AsteelFlash after Asteel, a French company, acquired Flash Electronics of Fremont, California. AsteelFlash is a tier II company, reporting revenues of $780 million in 2011, with revenues expected to top $1 billion in 2013. (AsteelFlash has not released its 2012/2013 earnings.)

In a 2013 corporate brochure, AsteelFlash cited its strongest market segments as Industrial (36% of net sales), Communications (29%), and computing (18%). The lowest specified segment was Automotive (3%)--though in 2012 the company added automotive certifications (TS 16949) to some of its facilities in Germany, China, Mexico, and the U.S.

Markets: Communications, industrial, computing, automotive, defense & aerospace, and medical.

Services: Technology & Design, logistics, integrated manufacturing, quality & compliance, value-added, aftermarket, cooperation   services, and strategic path.

U.S. Locations: Fremont, CA; Morrisville, NC; Owego, NY.

International locations: France (10), Germany (4), Tunisia (2), India, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Mexico, and China.

Certifications: ISO 9001, TL 9000, TS 16949, EN 9100 (aerospace), ISO 13485, and ISO 14001.

Size: 5,700 employees, 1.9 million square feet of production space.

GlassdoorAsteel Flash has not been reviewed on

5. Creation Technologies


Headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada, Creation Technologies is a North American top-10 and Global top-25 EMS provider. Since 1991, Creation Technologies has been dedicated to mid-volume, high-complexity manufacturing services. Since 2007, Creation has received equity investment from Canadian private equity firm Birch Hill Equity Partners, although Creation Technologies remains a privately held provider with 13 locations in 4 countries around the world.
Creation Technologies uses a hybrid business unit and customer focus team (CFT) model. Creation has significant expertise in industrial instrumentation markets, specializing in complex products such as RF industrial drilling equipment, hydraulic power controls, and industrial HVIC products. The company also has considerable experience in RF equipment for communications products.

Services: full product design, full systems integration, PCBA, test strategy & development, aftermarket services.

Markets: Instrumentation & industrial, communications, medical, transportation, and safety & security/ defense.

US Locations: Santa Clara, CA; Milpitas, CA; Arvada, CO; Plano, TX; St. Peter, MN; Oak Creek, WI (2); Wheeling, IL; Lexington, KY.

Offshore Locations: Burnaby, BC, Canada (3); Mississauga, ON, Canada; Markham, ON, Canada; Mexicali, Mexico; Changzhou City, China; Shenzhen, China.   

Certifications: ISO 9001; ISO 13485

Glassdoor: Based on 22 reviews on, Creation Technologies received 3/5 stars, with 63% of respondents recommending the company to a friend. Based on 14 ratings Creation Technology’s CEO, Arthur Tymos, received a 71% percent approval rating.

"Customer focused team model breaks down traditional barriers and siloing. A fun place to work and great team dynamics.” - Current Buyer

“Low margin, contract manufacturing business, low salaries, minimal benefits, home grown HR.” - Current Program Manager.

(See Creation Technologies’ full Glassdoor review)  



6. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies


With one 80,000 square foot location in Fremont, CA, Sonic Manufacturing is a premier regional turnkey EMS provider specializing in high reliability products, most notably for the (electronic) automotive industry. However, the company has displayed excellence in many other market sectors. In 2012, Energy & Lifescience Innovations, Inc., the Santa Clara based parent company of Global Energy Innovations, Inc., partnered with Sonic Manufacturing because of its "long standing level of quality control process, production experience, and supply chain chain knowledge." Most recently, Sonic manufacturing& design segment helped realize an integral part of the West Coast Power Grid.

Services: Design & engineering, PCBA, green initiatives, supply chain, aftermarket.

Markets: Aerospace & defense, automotive, computing & storage, green technology, industrial security, medical & bio-medical, and networking/wireless/RF.

Strengths: automotive, aerospace, and defense. Sonic is a leader in prototyping, test development, and manufacturing services for the electric car industry.

Locations: Fremont, CA

Certifications: ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2003,  CITAR; TUV; FCC; UL; CSA Agency Certified.

Glassdoor: Sonic Manufacturing Technologies has not been reviewed on

Website (contact):

 7. Hunter Technology Corp. 


As one of the first EMS providers to specialize in RF/microwave products for the defense and aerospace industries, Hunter Technology has spent the last 45 years providing customers with expertise in high reliability manufacturing, engineering, and design. 

Established in 1969, Hunter Technology distinguishes itself by its ability to adapt to industry trends and "meet the challenges of the future." In the past decade, the company has experienced impressive growth and diversification, incorporating new markets and capabilities into its business model. The company continues to be a leader in RF/microwave products for the defense & aerospace industries, and it is one of the few microelectronic suppliers with an Accreditation of Trust from the Department of Defense. 

Services: Hardware development, PCB design and layout, mechanical design, DF(x) Intelligent Output, test development & implementation, Board Bringup and Thermal Analysis, NPI, high-mix low-volume, volume production, system integration, RMA/reverse logistics, and Leading & Trailing edge capacities. 

Markets: Aerospace & Defense, test & measurement supplies, networking & telecommunications, and medical. 

Locations: Milpitas, CA; Lawrenceville, GA. 

Strengths: High reliability engineering and manufacturing, RF/microwave products. 

Certifications: AS9001 Rev C, ISO9001:2008, IS13485:2003, ITAR Section 122, IPC QML Certificate, J-STD-001 CIT, IPC-A-610 CIT, DMEA Accreditation of Trust, CDPH-FDB Device Mfg license. 

Glassdoor: Based on 2 reviews, Hunter Technology received two 2/5 stars.

"My department was a fun environment to work in. Job was easy. Hours are good." - Current Employee

"Management doesn't allow the real workers to make decisions or even take their suggestions seriously. Everything is a "secret" and behind closed doors. Suggestions that are made are thought of as a threat to their authority." - Former Employee





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