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5 Prompts
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Test your skills and knowledge in electronics manufacturing while building your skills with ChatGPT. Just copy & paste. 

negotiation role play Negotiation Role Play
Take on the aggressive salesperson Simon as you negotiate an electronic component purchase.
  • Results Rated 1-10
commodity-mg Commodity Manager Simulation
You are a Commodity Manager for electronic components, looks like it's going to be a long day.
  • Results Graded A-F
quiz Knowledge Quiz
Test your expertise in five areas of electronics manufacturing.
  • Scored 0-5
test-exam CPIM Exam Practice
Are you ready to take the CPIM exam? Practice practice!
  • Graded A-F
difficult-coworker Handling Difficult Co-Workers
We've all been there. The better you do, the harder it will get.
  • Graded A-F